Configure the initial setup for an RDP application

Use an RDP-based application to prevent exposing a complete Windows desktop to users, but give them access to a single application.

Before you begin

Read this article for more information about configuring RemoteApp on Windows servers:

How to

  1. Add a program to the RemoteApp Programs list on the Windows server.
    1. On the RD Session Host server, click Start to open RemoteApp Manager
    2. Navigate to Administrative Tools>Remote Desktop Services and click RemoteApp Manager.
    3. In the Actions pane, click Add RemoteApp Programs.
    4. On the Welcome to the RemoteApp Wizard page, click Next.
    5. On the Choose programs to add to the RemoteApp Programs list page, select the check box next to each program that you want to add to the list of RemoteApp programs. You can select multiple programs.
    6. To configure the properties for a RemoteApp program, right-click the program name and then click Properties. You can configure:
      • The program name that will appear to users. To change the name, enter a new name in the RemoteApp program name box.
      • The path of the program executable file. To change the path, enter the new path in the Location box, or click Browse to locate the .exe file.
      Note: You can use system environment variables in the path name. For example, you can substitute %windir% for the explicit path of the Windows folder (such as C:\Windows). You cannot use per user environment variables.
    7. After you finish configuring program properties, click OK and then click Next.
    8. On the Review Settings page, review the settings and click Finish.
      The selected programs should appear in the RemoteApp Programs list.
  2. In Enterprise Application Access (EAA), configure the RemoteApp created in Step 1.
    1. Log in to the EAA Management Portal.
    2. From the top menu bar, click Applications.
    3. Click the application card for the RDP application you want to configure.
    4. Click Settings > ADVANCED SETTINGS.
    5. Enter the Remote App name in the Remote App Name field.
      If you specified a Remote App Name, you can:
      • Enter CLI-level arguments in the Remote App Arguments field to be executed that this application requires to launch, if any. For example, c 100 -t 50
      • Enter the working directory for this application in the Remote App Directory, if the application needs a specific working directory to execute from.
    6. To save the changes click Save and exit.

Next steps

For the changes to go into effect, Deploy the application.