Step 4: Configure an authentication source

Complete this procedure if you are a first-time user following along with the Quick start guide and have just completed Step 3: Create and configure an application.

How to

  1. On the IdP configuration page, click Assign Identity Provider.
    The IdP cards appear.

  2. Select the IdP to assign to the application.
  3. Click Assign directory.

    A window appears with Cloud Directory card.
  4. Click the Cloud Directory card.
    The directory card expands to expose more information and available actions.

  5. To authorize user access to the application, assign groups from the Cloud Directory. Click Assign Groups.

    A window appears.
  6. Select the groups to assign to the application.

  7. Click Done.
    Note: You can use your Active Directory (AD) as well for authentication if needed.
  8. At the bottom of the page, click Save and go to Services.
    The SERVICES tab for the application opens.
  9. As a first time user, leave the defaults for the application’s SERVICES tab unchanged.

  10. Click Save & go to Advanced Settings to continue.

    The application’s ADVANCED SETTINGS tab opens.
  11. As a first time user, leave the defaults for the application’s ADVANCED SETTINGS tab unchanged. Click Save & go to Deployment to continue.

    The application’s DEPLOYMENT tab opens.

Next steps

Step 5: See your configuration take off! Deploy your application.