Sync users, groups, or organizational units in the EAA directory

How to troubleshoot directory sync issues.

Complete this procedure if your directory card shows that zero users, groups, or organizational units (OU) have synced, or if a newly added user is not syncing to the directory when others have.

How to

  1. Log in to the EAA Management Portal as an administrator.
  2. From the top menu bar select Identity > Directories.
  3. Make sure your directory configuration is up to date. Locate the directory card you want to test and click Sync. Wait two to five minutes for the EAA directory configuration to sync across the cloud.
  4. Make sure the directory is reachable. See Test connectivity between the directory and connector and Review directory diagnostics and domain information
  5. Make sure the group or organizational unit where the users belong has been added to the directory. See Search EAA for a directory user, group, or organizational unit.
  6. Outside of EAA check the native directory and make sure the user has at least a user-principal name (UPN) or email address listed.

What you should see

Return to the directory card. The users, groups, or organizational units should be included in the count.

Next steps

If you need to continue troubleshooting, see Troubleshooting overview and tips.