Troubleshooting overview and tips

How to troubleshoot Enterprise Application Access (EAA) errors with connectors, directories, applications, or certificates, if they occur.

Before troubleshooting any EAA problem, make sure you have Set up an EAA admin help desk email address and Enable service/debug mode.

Troubleshoot connectors. Access to applications, directories, and identity providers (IdP) may be caused by connector deployment or connectivity issues.

Troubleshoot directories. Access to applications, connectors, users and user groups, user authentication, multi-factor authentication, and Login Portal authentication may be caused by directory issues.

Troubleshoot applications. Access to applications may be caused by application deployment, connectivity, authentication, or advanced settings issues. Learn more about Application response codes, login events, and errors and see a list of HTTP response codes, login events, errors.

Troubleshoot certificates. Access to applications may be caused by certificate issues.

Troubleshooting tips

Whenever you are troubleshooting or debugging, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • Generate reports. Reports provide event and log data for applications, admin events, and SSH audits. To learn more see Reports.
  • Document your work. Keep track of what your configuration settings were when the problem occurred, and whether there have been any recent changes. A software update, increase in user traffic, or change in configuration can all cause problems.
  • Isolate the problem. Do not change more than one configuration at a time. If you make multiple changes to your application at once, it will be harder to determine which one is causing problems if something goes wrong.
  • Contact support. The support team is here to help! Email, call 1-877-4-AKATEC, contact your account team, open a support ticket in Control Center, or visit