Enable or disable remote debugging from a connector console

Enable or disable remote debugging on Enterprise Application Access (EAA) from a connector console to run diagnostics.

Before you begin

This procedure only applies to connectors installed in VMWare or VirtualBox environments.

If you have issues with EAA, support may need to access your connector to diagnose the reported issue. When doing so, you need to enable remote debugging for the connector. You can find this option on the connector's settings page.

How to

  1. An operational status message appears for the connector. If this screen is blank, press any key to bring it back.
  2. Go to the Connector Console. Press ALT+F3 (for Mac users: FN+ALT+F3).
  3. Select 11) Accept Remote Debugging.

Next steps

After resolving the issue, select 10) Reject Remote Debug Channel to disable it again, which is the default value. Remote debugging must be disabled unless you are working with support to solve connector issues.