Set up Zendesk as the SP and EAA as the IdP

This procedure describes how to set up the Zendesk application as a service provider (SP) and EAA as the identity provider (IdP).

Complete the following steps to configure Zendesk as the SP and EAA as the IdP.

How to

  1. Access Zendesk.
    1. Fill in the fields on the Let's get started page to register.
    2. After you register, check your mail for an activation message.
    3. Access your personalized site with your login information.
  2. Configure EAA as the IdP for a custom SaaS application for Zendesk but do not deploy the application at this stage.
  3. Configure Zendesk as the SP.
    1. Log in to the Zendesk account you created.
    2. Click SETTINGS in the left panel.

      Zendesk settings
    3. Click Security on the SETTINGS page..

      Zendesk security settings
    4. Enable Single Sign-on (SSO) and select SAML.

      Zendesk select SAML fields and ACS URL
    5. After enabling SAML, configure the required SAML parameters: SAML SSO URL, Certificate fingerprint, and Remote Logout URL. This information is found in the IdP info section under the SAML SETTINGS tab of the EAA application from Step 2.
      Note: You will need the ACS URL located under the SAML SSO URL field to configure the EAA IdP (see arrow).
  4. Go back to the EAA application you started in Step 2.
    1. In the SAML Settings section of the SAML SETTINGS tab, enter the Entity ID, ACS URL, and other required information to complete the SAML setup:
      EAA Zendesk SAML settings
    2. Click Save and go to Deployment.
    3. On the DEPLOYMENT tab, click Deploy application.