Update connectors for security vulnerability

Learn how to upgrade connectors that have security issues.

When the EAA administrator logs into the EAA management portal, if there are security vulnerabilities for the existing connectors they are alerted with this message:

You can click on the Connectors that need an upgrade to see all the connectors that need to be updated in your environment to mitigate security vulnerabilities.

The connector card shows the connector state, applications and directories using this connector:

Choose a time that is best for your organization when there are minimum users using the applications, to have minimal downtime. You might also want to first update to connectors that have the least number of applications and directories associated with them, and then perform the update on other connectors.

You can update each connector by performing these steps:

How to

  1. Log in to the EAA Management Portal.
  2. From the top menu bar, click Connectors. All of the connectors configured in your account are shown. Connectors that need security updates are indicated by red down arrow next to Update. Start with the connector that has the least number of applications and directories associated with it for least downtime. Click Update.
  3. In the Security updates panel, you can see the number of security updates that need to be performed. Click Show packages, to see all the packages that are upgraded and their exact versions, and Hide packages, to hide them.
    Note: Administrator cannot choose which packages should or should not be updated. Also, when this connector goes down, if you have another connector for high-availability, then the application, directory traffic is served by that connector.
  4. Click Start security update.You see a warning notifying you of a downtime and suggesting you to pick an off-peak time for the update process. Click Continue. The upgrade process begins for the connector in the console log. The upgrade process begins for the connector in the console log. When the update finishes successfully, this message appears:
  5. The status changes on the connector panel from Updating to Connector is running (Up to date), if successful; or to Connector is running (Update failed), if it was a failure. In this case, try to update the security patch again. If the problem persists, contact Akamai support for more help.
  6. Repeat these steps for the next connector that has the security vulnerability, until all of the connectors are upgraded in your environment. You can update the connectors in parallel if they are independent and associated with another application.
    Note: Also, see Self-upgrade of EAA connectors for automatic updates to connectors from the EAA connector repository.