Log in and access applications in the Login Portal

End-users access applications from the Enterprise Application Access (EAA) Login Portal. EAA admins can access applications from the EAA Login Portal to see changes after they Deploy the application.

How to

  1. Open a browser window on any device that has internet connectivity and is not connected to your internal network. This saves some aggravation if there are additional configuration steps required in your network to reach outside applications (for example, Firewall or Secure Web Gateway configurations).
  2. Enter the external URL of the application you created. From our example in this procedure, enter https://eaa-acme-app.go.akamai-access.com. A login screen appears.
  3. Log in with the username and password assigned to the directory.
    In the case of Active Directory/LDAP, use your AD credentials to login.

Next steps

Configure the look and feel of the Login Portal experience! See Login Portal customization.