Add AD FS as an identity provider in EAA

How to add AD FS as an identity provider in EAA.

How to

  1. Add a new identity provider of provider type set to third-party SAML and return to this procedure to configure the general settings.
  2. Complete the general settings.
    1. Identity intercept. Select either Use your domain or Use Akamai domain. If you select Use your domain EAA provides a CNAME redirect for the application. Use this to configure the CNAME in your external DNS. Make a note of this domain. Let’s say it is <eaa-idp-fqdn> of the form
    2. Certificate preference. If you select User your domain, select Use uploaded certificate
    3. Akamaicloud zone. Select an EAA cloud zone that is closest to the user base.
    4. Certificate authentication (optional). To enable client certificate authentication select the checkbox and configure the required parameters.
  3. Complete the authentication configuration settings.
    1. URL (optional). Enter the AD FS portal, https://<federation-service-name>/adfs/ls
  4. Leave the session settings for Session idle expiry, Limit session life, and Max session duration at their default values.
  5. Click Save and exit.