Troubleshoot access to applications secured with EAA through Chrome that are accessed with Safari and Firefox

If you have secured applications that are accessible using Enterprise Application Access through Safari and Firefox, but not through Chrome, iFrames may be the issue. Certain versions of the Chrome browser block content in iFrames that is served with self-signed certificates.

If you are currently using a certificate that was generated by the Enterprise Application Access service, or one that you generated internally, this may be why some content that is blocked by Chrome works on Safari and possibly other browsers.

How to

  1. Import valid certificates to the system through
  2. Import a star certificate (*.company-name-certificate) to use with all applications or you can import individual certificates for each application.
  3. Add a certificate to EAA.
  4. Update each application’s settings to use the imported certificate.
  5. Redeploy the applications.