Self-upgrade of EAA connectors

Enterprise Application Access (EAA) connectors are automatically self-upgraded to pick up the latest version available in the EAA repository.

Your deployed EAA connectors check the connector repository regularly. When a new version is available, it is automatically uploaded and the new version has the Last updated time-stamp on the connector card. The download and upgrade process generally finishes in about 15 minutes.

If your connector inside the data center is shut down or is unable to reach the EAA service, the self-upgrade fails after three attempts. Also, if the connector has custom configurations, the auto-upgrade is not done. In either of these cases, you may need to contact Akamai support to manually upgrade, at a convenient time.

Also note,
  • Data path. Long-lived RDP, SSH, and VNC applications will have a short interruption. If another connector is available, migrate the apps to it.
  • Management path. There may be 1-2 seconds of downtime when the processes are restarted. Service is back immediately and should not trigger any communication error.