Generate reports to view application access and admin events log event data. Create these reports from the EAA Management Portal in the Reports menu.
  • Preset report. Select a predefined report profile for application access or admin events reports. These profiles include recipes for common search criteria. See Create a preset report.
  • Application report. Shows the logs or events that occurred for an application during a specified time period. See Create an application report. Figure 1 shows how these fields appear in an application report.
  • Admin events report. Shows login, configuration, and system events from a specified time period that are performed or triggered by EAA administrators. See Create an Admin Event report.
  • SSH audit report. Logs all keystrokes and SSH commands executed for an SSH application in the specified time period. See Create an SSH audit report.
If you are troubleshooting reports, see Troubleshooting overview and tips and Application response codes, login events, and errors.