Quick start guide

How to set up Enterprise Application Access (EAA) as a first time user.

This document guides you through the process to setup and deploy your first application. For a high-level overview of the product architecture see How EAA works.

For your first setup you need an account in Control Center and to provision at least one instance of a connector as a virtual machine (VM) in your environment.

Control Center. Make sure your organization has the following,

  • An account or contract with Control Center with administrator permissions for the Enterprise Application Access (EAA) product. If you don’t have an account, contact your sales representative. See Access the EAA Management Portal from Control Center.
  • An admin or editor user role in Control Center account.

Connector. Make sure you have these Connector installation requirements.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Create, download and install a connector.

Step 2: Set up an authentication source.

Step 3: Create and configure an application.

Step 4: Configure an authentication source.

Step 5: See your configuration take off! Deploy your application.

Step 6: Give it a try