Install and approve a connector in a virtual environment

How to install and approve a connector in a virtual environment.

After you Create and download a connector in EAA you install the connector in your environment as a virtual machine (VM). Make sure you review the Connector installation requirements before you install the connector. To install a connector you first determine your virtual environment, then follow the procedure to install your connector in that environment.

After successful installation, the connector runs in your virtual environment. Return to the connector configuration card. A button labeled Click here to approve indicates that the connector is checked in.

Connector card with check-in success message and action to approve

To approve a connector click Click here to approve. The connector status changes to Connector is running.

Connector card with Connector is running status

If your connector fails to check-in after five minutes, there may be a problem with its networking DHCP configuration or an outbound connection through your firewall or forward proxy. To learn more see Troubleshoot connectors.