Create a preset report

Use predefined report profiles to create a preset report that shows the log and event data for all applications and admin events during a specified time period. Predefined report profiles include recipes for common search criteria such as:
  • Applications failed login. Shows the application and number of login failures.
  • Client application errors. Shows the error, error code and the date it occurred, when the user used a specific EAA client to access an application.
  • Client applications info. Shows the client and application.
  • Client details. Shows the client version.
  • Client device details. Shows the client, client version, application, and operating system.
  • Client error details. Shows the error code and count.
  • Client user info. Shows the client, username, and operating system.
  • Client user info access. Shows which user accessed which application..
  • Login failure details. Shows event date, username, event details, and the event code.
  • Top applications. Lists the most popular applications and frequency of usage.
  • Top OS browsers. Access count of OS and Browsers.
  • Top users. Lists the users who accessed most applications in a descending order.
  • Unique user details. Provides details of the ip addess, region, country, and application accessed by the user.
  • Unique users. Provides a list of the names of all unique users.
  • Unique users count. Provides a count of all unique users.

How to

  1. Log in to the Enterprise Application Access (EAA) Management Portal.
  2. From the top menu bar, click Reports > Activity > Application access.
  3. Select a date range. Click the calendar to set a date range (up to 90 days) or select a predefined time frame such as:
      • Yesterday
      • This week
      • Last week
      • This month
      • Last month
  4. Click Apply.
  5. In the Select report menu, select a preset report profile.
  6. Click View report.
    The report results appear.

Next steps

Save a report then Download a saved report.