Create a preset report

Use predefined report profiles to create a preset report that shows the log and event data for all applications and admin events during a specified time period. Predefined report profiles include recipes for common search criteria such as:
  • Applications failed login. Shows the application and number of login failures.
  • Client application errors. Shows the error, error code and the date it occurred, when the user used a specific EAA client to access an application.
  • Client applications info. Shows the client and application.
  • Client details. Shows the client version.
  • Client device details. Shows the client, client version, application, and operating system.
  • Client error details. Shows the error code and count.
  • Client user info. Shows the client, username, and operating system.
  • Login failure details. Shows event date, username, event details, and the event code.
  • Top applications. Lists the most popular applications and frequency of usage.
  • Top OS browsers. Access count of OS and Browsers.
  • Top users. Lists the users who accessed most applications in a descending order.
  • Unique user details. Provides details of the ip addess, region, country, and application accessed by the user.
  • Unique users. Provides a list of the names of all unique users.
  • Unique users count. Provides a count of all unique users.
  • Vulnerable Clients. Shows all the EAA Clients that are vulnerable and can cause security issues if used to an access application hosted on EAA using them.

How to

  1. Log in to the Enterprise Application Access (EAA) Management Portal.
  2. From the top menu bar, click Reports > Activity > Application access.
  3. Select a date range. Click the calendar to set a date range (up to 90 days) or select a predefined time frame such as:
      • Yesterday
      • This week
      • Last week
      • This month
      • Last month
  4. Click Apply.
  5. In the Select report menu, select a preset report profile.
  6. Click View report.
    The report results appear.

Next steps

Save a report then Download a saved report.