Create favorite applications in the EAA Login portal

Move commonly used applications to favorites for quick-access.

An organization can have many applications associated with an identity provider (IdP). Employees of the organization may use some applications more frequently than others. User1 may frequently use application1, application2, application3, while user2 may use application1 and application5 more frequently than others. If the Enterprise Application Access (EAA) administrator selects the enable favoriting applications feature in the IdP, each end user can customize their own EAA login portal by moving the frequently accessed applications to the favorites section of the IdP login portal. This improves productivity for the all the users of the organization. It also works on mobile devices or tablets.

If the EAA administrator does not enable favoriting applications in the IdP, then all the applications associated with this IdP cannot be moved to favorites section by the end-user.

This table describes how the enabling favoriting applications affects the favorites icon in the application card and whether the application can be moved to favorites section in the EAA login portal:
Impact of Enable Favoriting applications settings on location of application and ability to move it to favorites.
Enable favoriting applications setting Application Card in EAA login portal Location of application on Login portal

Application cards appear in the Applications section.

The favorites icon (red hollow heart) is present in the application cards.

User can move frequently used applications to the Favorites section by clicking the favorites icon, which changes to a red filled heart.

Application card appears in Applications section.

Red hollow heart absent in application card.

User cannot move application to Favorites section.

Favoriting applications also works with application categories. All of the applications tagged as favorites in each of the categories appear in the Favorites section of each category and also the Favorites section of the All category. For example, if adminconfluence2, adminconfluence6 are tagged as favorites in CONFLUENCE applications category, adminhttp2, adminhttp3 are tagged as favorites in HTTP applications category, autovncapp4 is tagged as favorites in VNC applications category, then they will appear in the favorites of each of the respective categories, and also in the Favorites of All section: