The Enterprise Application Access (EAA) connector is a complete virtual appliance deployed behind the firewall in your data centers or hybrid cloud environments. You can deploy multiple connectors for redundancy and scaling. Connectors are cryptographically unique and devoid of any management interface or UI. As soon as you create a connector and power it on, it dials out on port 443 outbound and checks in with the EAA service for its configuration settings. This is referred to as dialouts. As you associate more applications and directories with the connector, the dialouts made by the connector increases. Connectors are used for access applications (web, SSH, RDP) and client-access (TCP, Tunnel) applications.

You can configure an application to be associated with several connectors for high availability. If a server or VM with a running connector fails, your application is still secured by at least one other running connector. Note that additional connectors are separate resources as they each take up an instance/VM.

Connectors work in an active/active configuration to load balance application traffic. You must ensure that all connectors required to secure a given application must be able to reach the application.

You can have the account administrator, configure a user as a connector administrator to perform connector configurations or have a custom administrator to manage the administration tasks for multiple resources using role-based access control in Control Center.

Note: We do not support any modification to the connector image including downloading and installing any other software modules or scripts for any purpose, except initial network configuration, unless approved by Akamai and the customer.