Map user attributes of the directory

Map the system level attributes to the EAA directory attributes. In your native directory, identify the custom groups and object classes, then configure them in the EAA Management Portal.

After the user attributes are created, they appear as new fields in the User Attributes section of the Active Directory (AD). Attribute mapping is configured under Directory settings > Attribute mapping section. EAA provides default values but you can configure custom mappings as well.

How to

  1. Log in to the EAA Management Portal.
  2. From the top menu bar, click Identity > Directories.
  3. On the directory card, click Configure Directory (gear) icon > User Attributes.
  4. In the field beside the user attribute title, enter the corresponding user attribute code. The fields contain some user attributes for selection. You can also enter custom attribute codes.
  5. Click Save Directory.
    The directory cards appear.
  6. Navigate to the Directory you modified and click the Sync icon. This pushes your changes to production and may take up to five minutes.
    Note: EAA will attempt to sync with a specified LDAP server every six hours. That cannot be modified but you can still perform a manual sync of the directory in the interim.

Next steps

Configure EAA as the SAML identity provider.