Add a user to a role on Control Center

Add a user to a portal role in Control Center

You can add any user belonging to the account, to do administration of the different resources like applications, connectors, identity providers (IdP) or directories.

How to

  1. Open the application.
    • In the new Akamai Control Center UI, go to > ACCOUNT ADMIN > Identity & access.
    • In the classic Luna UI, on the Configure menu, go to Organization and click Manage Users & Groups.
  2. Click Users and API Clients tab.
  3. For Group select All Groups. All the users associated with the account within all groups are shown.
  4. Select the user whose role needs to be modified.
  5. Click Edit roles tab. All of the contracts are shown in the Group name column. All of the roles of this user for each contract is shown in the Roles column.
  6. Choose the contract for which you want to change the privileges for the user.
  7. Under Roles, click on the pencil mark, enter the new role you created and update the role of the user.
  8. Click Save. The user’s role for the contract gets updated.
  9. When the user logs into the EAA management portal for the appropriate contract, based on the permissions set by the account administrator, he will be allowed to access that resource.


In this example, for this account there are three contracts. The user has an admin role for contract_1, unassigned roles for contract_2 and contract_3, initially.

If the account administrator wants to provide read and write access to only the EAA application resource to this user, he can update to a custom role of EAA-App-Admin:

With the updated permissions, when this user logs into the EAA management portal with his valid credentials, he can make configuration updates to Applications tab, but will see this error message, if he accesses identity provider, directory, or connectors on EAA management portal: