Extract EAA-SDK documentation from download URL

Extract the EAA-SDK documentation from the download URL.

Before you begin

You should have some utility like 7-zip to untar and extract files from a tar.gz files for Windows.

Extract the EAA-SDK documentation files from the Akamai download URL:


How to

  1. Navigate to https://downloads.akamai-access.com/eaa-sdk/eaa-sdk.tar.gz in a web browser. The file is downloaded to your machine as eaa-sdk.tar.gz.
  2. Use a utility like 7-zip to extract the files to a directory.
  3. Go to the directory, right-click and select 7-zip > Extract Here
  4. Change directory to docs directory.
  5. Inside the docs directory, click the index.html file to launch the documentation for EAA-SDK.