Welcome to Akamai MFA

Learn about benefits of incorporating Akamai MFA to your security stack.

Akamai MFA is an easy-to-use and -deploy multi-factor authentication service that operates on the Akamai Intelligent Edge platform. It integrates with Enterprise Application Access and Enterprise Threat Protector solutions, providing a foundation for Zero Trust security.

Akamai MFA leverages the FIDO2 standard enabling users to authenticate securely to protected resources with the Akamai MFA mobile app. Consequently, it strengthens the organization’s security posture by preventing employee account takeover via phishing attacks, stolen credentials, and credential stuffing. Additionally, it also empowers users by offering them a simplified authentication process with the familiar experience of push notifications and many other convenient secondary authentication methods. See Akamai MFA User Guide to learn more about the user experience.

Akamai MFA enhances organizations’ data and account security by requiring additional methods of identity verification before the user can log in to a protected application. Those methods are independent of the existing, primary authentication, such as the identity provider (IdP) system.

At a high level, the authentication process including the Akamai MFA looks like this:
  1. The user attempts to open the protected enterprise application.
  2. The IdP prompts the user to sign in using their corporate credentials.
  3. Upon a successful primary authentication, the IdP redirects the user to Akamai MFA for the secondary authentication.
  4. Akamai MFA challenges the user with secondary authentication.
  5. Once the identity is confirmed, the MFA redirects the user to the IdP.
  6. Finally, the IdP allows the user to proceed to the protected application.

Supported devices

Akamai MFA supports the following mobile devices:
  • iOS 12 and above (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
  • Android 7 and above (phones and tablets)