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Learn why you should set up Akamai MFA as you secondary authenticator.

What is Akamai MFA?

Akamai MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is a cloud-based solution that operates on Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform. It offers you an additional layer of protection on top of your corporate credentials. This gives you more control over the identity and access management challenges.

How it works

With Akamai MFA enabled as a part of the authentication process, you have to confirm your identity by providing two or more pieces of evidence (factors) before you can log in to enterprise resources.

To start using Akamai MFA, you have to register your device in the service and pick your preferred second factor. Then, you start receiving challenges on your registered device that you have to respond in order to obtain access to protected resources.

Why is my company using Akamai MFA?

Akamai MFA supports FIDO authentication standards to provide your organization with strong, cryptographic protection against unauthorized access. This keeps your corporate account safe from phishing attacks, stolen credentials or credential stuffing.

Apart from that, Akamai MFA is really easy to use. You can register your authentication device in the service within minutes. And with the Single sign-on (SSO) sessions, you will only be prompted for the MFA authentication once at your first login.

What secondary authentication methods can I choose?

We recommend using the innovative phone security key as your secondary authentication solution. The Akamai MFA phone security key leverages the U2F, FIDO2 and WebAuthn standards to provide you with the secure authentication process and prevent unauthorized third-parties from gaining access to your corporate account. mobile app turns your existing smartphone into a very secure authenticator, and lets you conveniently authenticate with the familiar experience of push notifications.

Other available second factor methods include the smartphone push, push TOTP, clientless push, hardware token, phone call, and SMS or email TOTP.

See Akamai MFA Admin Guide to learn more about benefits offered by the multi-factor authentication.

Supported devices

Akamai MFA supports the following mobile devices:
  • iOS 12 and above (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
  • Android 7 and above (phones and tablets)