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Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP ) is a cloud-based, targeted threat protection solution that monitors DNS activity to identify and block—before they affect an enterprise—threats, such as malware, phishing, DNS data exfiltration, and command and control communication. ETP can also scan HTTP and HTTPS traffic to identify and block advanced threats.

The application is organized into these navigation areas:

  • Configuration: Where an ETP administrator configures items essential to an ETP configuration, such as locations and policies. In a policy, you can also enable the ETP proxy. ETP Proxy intercepts and analyzes suspicious HTTP and HTTPS traffic
  • Monitoring: Views of the dashboard, threat and acceptable use policy (AUP) events, and DNS activity. This area allows you to analyze event data. If ETP Proxy is enabled for your organization, you can also view data about network traffic that is directed to ETP and the transactions that are handled by the ETP proxy.
  • Intelligence: Includes an Indicator Search option where you can complete a domain search.
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The procedures in this guide are required to set up ETP.