Explore the dashboard

Now that your enterprise is protected by ETP, go to the dashboard page. The ETP dashboard reports threat and AUP events, as well as DNS activity in your network. The dashboard allows you to easily monitor network traffic at a glance, investigate activity, and block suspicious or malicious domains or IP addresses. You can:

  • View events from this month, the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or within a specified date or date range.
  • Search for a domain. Search results appear on the Indicator Search page.
  • View the number of events that are identified as threats (such as malware, phishing, command and control), violations of the AUP, DNS request activity, and other alerts for threat events.
  • Review analytics for threat or AUP events based on specific criteria.
  • If ETP Proxy is enabled for your enterprise, you can also view threat events related to HTTP or HTTPS traffic. If you are a tenant administrator and you want to enable ETP Proxy, contact your Akamai representative to upgrade your contract.

Clicking the data within the dashboard directs you to the Event Analysis or Activity pages where you get more detailed information about detected threats and network activity.

Note: If you are trying Enterprise Threat Protector with the new Enterprise Center interface, a new dashboard is available where you can create widgets to show the data you need to track. To learn more about the new Dashboard, see the Enterprise Threat Protector online help.