Assign locations for alert notifications

Before you begin

Make sure that you added and assigned email addresses for alert notifications. See Add email addresses for alert notifications or Add email addresses for notifications.

By default, an alert notification recipient is configured to receive notifications related to all locations. If you organization is enabled for this feature, an Enterprise Threat Protector super administrator can assign specific locations to the email address. This action allows alert recipients to see alert data for assigned locations. For example, if a delegated administrator is also an alert notification recipient, a super administrator can associate the delegated administrator’s email address to the locations that they are allowed to manage.
Note: You must contact your Akamai representative to enable this feature in ETP.

How to

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select General Settings > Communication.
  2. Locate the email address of the alert notification recipient.
  3. If All Locations are assigned and you want to assign only specific locations:
    1. Click the chain icon.
    2. Deselect any location that you do not want the recipient to receive notifications about.
    3. Click Associate.
  4. If specific locations are already selected and you want to make changes:
    1. Click the chain icon.
    2. Select or deselect locations.
    3. Click Associate.
  5. Click Update.