The following operations are also available in Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP):

  • Configure the appearance of error pages that users receive when they violate a policy. For more information, see Error pages.
  • Enter the email addresses of users who you want to receive alert notifications or scheduled reports, as well as notifications regarding Security Connector and ETP Client upgrades. For more information, see Communication emails.
  • Schedule a daily or weekly report to generate with alerts, events, or other data. For more information, see Scheduled reports.
  • Manage a custom response configuration. For more information, see Custom response.
  • Grant Akamai Support access to your organization's Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP) configuration for troubleshooting or debugging purposes. For more information, see Akamai Support Access.
  • Clear the ETP DNS server cache if you need to clear a domain from the ETP DNS server to resolve it to a new IP address. For more information, see Clear DNS cache.