Download a list template file

When defining a list, you can manually enter each list entry or you can save time by using a text file. To do this, you ( 1) download a template file that contains sample addresses in the correct format (2) modify the template so that it specifies multiple addresses that you want in the list and (3) upload the file so that the addresses are added to the list in bulk.

The template you down depends on the type of list you want to create.

You must be an ETP administrator to perform this task.

How to

  1. In the navigation menu, select Configuration > Lists.
    Note: If you are trying the new Enterprise Center interface, in the navigation menu, select Policies > Lists.
  2. Select an existing list or click the elipsis () in the upper right and select the list type. In the image below, the URL Block List is selected.
  3. Below the text area, click Download this template text file for bulk uploads. This downloads the template file to your local system.
  4. Open the template file in an editor and modify it so that it contains the list entries you want to add to the list. Then save the file.

Next steps

Configure and upload list text files.