Create an Akamai Enterprise IdP application in the PingOne identity service

To integrate your Ping user directory, create an Akamai Enterprise identity provider application in the PingOne Identity service. You need to add your users to this application.

How to

  1. In the PingOne navigation menu, click the Applications tab.
  2. Click Add Application and select New SAML Application from the menu.
  3. In the Application Name field, enter a name for the application.
  4. In the Application Description field, enter a description for the application. You cannot hide the application from your users. As a result, you might want to state that this application is intended for internal or administrative use only.
  5. In the Category menu, select a category.
  6. Click Continue to Next Step.
  7. Enter these settings for I have the SAML configuration option.
    Field Value
    Protocol version SAML v 2.0
    Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) https://[your_company]
    Entity ID https://[your_company]
    Application URL https://[your_company]
    You can leave the Single Logout Endpoint and Single Logout Response Endpoint fields blank. You can also leave the Force Re-authentication option deselected. You also don’t need to select a Single Logout Binding Type.
  8. Click Continue to Next Step.
  9. Configure attribute mapping:
    1. Click Add New Attribute.
    2. In the Application Attribute column, enter SAML_SUBJECT.
    3. Based on the login preference of the directory that you’ll associate to the PingOne IdP, enter one of these values into the Identity Bridge Attribute or Literal Value column.
      Log Preference in Directory Identity Bridge Attribute or Literal Value
      SAM Account Name sAMAccountName
      Email mail
      User Principal Name userPrincipalName
    4. Add Group as an application attribute. In the Application Attribute column, enter Group and in the Identity Bridge Attribute or Literal Value column, enter MemberOf.
      Note: These steps may differ based on your PingOne configuration. For more information, see the official PingOne documentation.
  10. Click Continue to Next Step.
  11. Click Save & Publish.
  12. On the Review Setup page, click the Download link for SAML Metadata.
  13. Click Finish

Next steps

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