Show the timeline of events

Each doughnut chart that is available on the dashboard for threat events or Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) events can also appear in a detailed graph based on the time period you set for the dashboard. By default, data appears in a line graph. However, you can also choose to show this data in a bar graph.
Note: If you are trying Enterprise Threat Protector with the new Enterprise Center interface, this operation does not apply. In the new interface, a new dashboard is available where you can create custom widgets for events and activity. To learn more about the new dashboard, see New Dashboard.

How to

  1. Ensure that the dashboard is set to show data for the time period you require. For instructions, see Filter data based on date and time.
  2. Go to the event doughnut chart that you want show in a graph based on time.
  3. Click Show Timeline.
    A line graph with data appears.
  4. To change the graph from a line graph to a bar graph, hover over the graph and select the bar graph icon that appears to the right of the graph.