Identity provider activity details

This data appears in the Identity Provider Activity report. Some of this data appears by default. To show additional data, you can add data columns to the report. For more information, see Add or remove data columns to the identity provider activity data table.
IdP Activity Field or Detail Description
Session Start Time Indicates the date and time an identity provider session was started or attempted to start as a result of a login, attempted login, or an update to user groups associated with an identity provider (IdP).
Location The location associated with the activity.
Authentication Required Indicates whether authentication is required for a login.
Internal Client IP Internal IP address of the user’s machine.
Logged Activity Shows the identity provider activity that’s logged in this report. This activity includes:
  • Login attempted. Indicates when a login was attempted.
  • Login succeeded. Indicates when a login succeeded.
  • Login failed. Indicates when a login failed.
  • User group membership was updated. Indicates when a user group was updated in the directory associated with the IdP.
Username Shows the username of the user who successfully logged in.
Message Provides a message in case of a failure or a user group update.
  • If there’s a failure, an error message appears.
  • If user groups are updated, the message indicates how many groups were updated.