Connection details

The Network Traffic report allows you to review connection data that's directed to ETP Proxy.

Connection data appears in a table. After you select a filter and dimension, you can select the type of data that you want to show in the table. In addition to data listed in the Connection dimensions topic, you can show this data in the table.

Connection details
Connection Detail Description
Connection Start Time Date and time when request was forwarded to ETP.
Connection End Time Date and time when either the request was resolved or dropped by ETP.
HTTP(s) Request Count Number of HTTP or HTTPS requests to the associated domain.
Dropped Indicates whether traffic is dropped or allowed. If proxy authorization is enabled in a policy, this field also indicates that a connection from the on-premises proxy was not authorized.
Status Indicates if the connection was allowed or blocked by ETP. If the traffic was dropped, the status indicates why it was dropped.
Destination Port TCP or UDP port number of traffic such as port 80 for HTTP traffic and port 443 for HTTPS traffic.
Connection ID Uniquely identifies a connection in a network.
Input Bytes The size in bytes of an HTTP request.
Output Bytes The size in bytes of an HTTP response.
Client Agents String for HTTP-based traffic that includes details about the end user's browser and system, such as the browser, browser version, operating system, command line tools, version of ETP Client, and more.
HTTP Version Version of the HTTP protocol.