ETP Client logs

Depending on the ETP Client configuration, logs are recorded on the user’s device.

The following log files are available for the desktop version of ETP Client:
  • Troubleshooting logs. Contains logs on the client. These logs are listed in the etp_Client.log and etp_Proxy.log files. For more information, see Troubleshooting logs.
  • Access logs. Contains logs on all ETP Client traffic. Logs are organized in the etp_Proxy_Access.csv and etp_Client_Access.csv files. For more information, see Access logs.
These logs files are stored in a Log directory where your device saves log data.
  • On Windows: C:\Windows\Logs\
  • On Mac: /var/log/

You can use these files to troubleshoot ETP Client. Administrator privileges are required to access and view these logs.