Add a language for the login portal

You can configure the text and the language for these areas of Login Portal:
  • Welcome banner
  • Legal disclaimer
  • Hint for the username

How to

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Identity & Users > Identity Providers.
  2. To customize the login portal of an existing identity provider, click the name of the identity provider that you want to modify. Otherwise, create an identity provider to define Login Portal settings associated with a new identity provider. For more information, see Add an identity provider.
  3. Click the Login Portal tab.
  4. Click add language and complete these steps:
    1. In the Language menu, select a language.
    2. In the Welcome field, enter the text for the Welcome banner.
    3. In the Legal Disclaimer field, enter text that you want to appear as a legal disclaimer on the login portal page.
    4. In the Username Hint field, enter text for the username field.
    5. To configure the language as the primary one, enable Primary.
  5. Click Save.

Next steps

Deploy the IdP configuration. For more information, see Deploy configuration changes.