Deploy a VMware vSphere Client using ESX or ESXi versions earlier than 6.5

Before you begin

Download the VMware connector from ETP. See Create and download an identity connector.

Complete this procedure to deploy a connector with ESX or ESXi versions that are earlier than 6.5. This process requires that you use the vSphere Client. The steps for deploying a VMware vSphere Client (vSphere Client) differ depending on the version of your VMware ESXi hypervisor. For a list of supported ESXi versions, see Connector-to-VM and cloud platform compatibility.

How to

  1. The connector should download as a tar.gz file but the file extension may be incorrect in Microsoft Windows. Rename the tar file to a tar.gz file. For example, rename <filename>.tar to <filename>.tar.gz.
  2. Decompress and untar the archive to extract the /agent directory.
  3. In the vSphere Client:
    1. Click File > Deploy OVF Template.
    2. Deploy the agent.ovf file from the agent directory.
    3. Make sure that the Open Virtual Machine Format (OVF) deployment completes successfully. Wait for the success message to appear.

Next steps

Return to the Identity Connector page to verify the connector IP address information and to approve the connector. For more information, see Set up an identity connector in a VMware environment.