Edit a scheduled report

An ETP administrator can edit a scheduled report. You can modify most settings associated with the report, including report recurrence, time zone, and the users who are configured to receive report results. You cannot modify the report format.
Note: An ETP delegated or tenant administrator can only edit the scheduled reports that they created. For more information, see Delegated and tenant access.

How to

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Reports > Activity > Scheduled Reports.
  2. Modify the settings associated with the report:
    1. Click the column of the scheduled report that you want to edit.
    2. To modify the report type, recurrence, or time zone, select a new setting from the provided menus.
    3. To select new locations or sub-locations to report on, click the link icon. Select or deselect locations or sub-locations.
    4. If you are providing a new recipient, enter the new email address.
    5. To change the status, toggle the Status switch.
  3. Click Save.