Select new criteria for an event doughnut chart

The Dashboard shows event information in doughnut charts based on event criteria. For example, by default, DNS and HTTP(s) threat events areas of the Dashboard show doughnut charts based on the category, threat name, and threat severity. You can show different data by selecting new criteria from the menu that is available with each doughnut chart.
Note: If the ETP proxy is enabled, you can also view charts with events related to HTTP(s) traffic.

How to

  1. On the Dashboard page, go to the Threat Events or AUP Events section. If the ETP proxy is enabled, you can go to DNS Threat Events and HTTP(s) Threat Events sections.
    Note: If you are trying Enterprise Threat Protector with the new Enterprise Center interface, a new dashboard is available where you can create custom widgets for events. To learn more about the new dashboard, see New Dashboard.
  2. In the heading associated with a doughnut chart, click the icon for the menu and select new criteria. The doughnut chart appears with data for the selected criteria.