Security Connector status details in ETP

The overall health and status of the Security Connector connector is reported in ETP when you view the connectors on the Security Connector page. An administrator can select to view the status details to see more information about a connector’s health and connection. These details include:
  • Date and time the status was reported. Time is reported with a 24-hour clock format.
  • CPU load of virtual machine
  • Disk usage of virtual machine
  • DNS Sinkhole status to indicate whether the sinkhole is reachable or not
  • DNS Forwarder status to indicate whether the forwarder is enabled or not
  • DNS Forwarder port
  • Total number of reported errors
  • Total number of received queries
  • Total number of queries that are resolved with DNS over TLS (DoT)

These status details are available in ETP with Security Connector 2.7.0 and later.