Predefined dashboards

While you can create a custom dashboard with the widgets you define, you can also view data in dashboards that Akamai has defined for you. These dashboards are available in Enterprise Center:
  • Overview. This dashboard contains widgets that show threat events and activity at a high level. This Threat Overview widget shows threats events based on severity, allowing you to focus on the most critical events.
  • Security. This dashboard contains widgets that show blocked access control categories, a list of infected machines, DNS traffic, as well as an overview of threats.
  • Operations. This dashboard contains widgets that show network traffic, DNS activity, and provide details on the status of ETP Client. This dashboard also indicates which clients are not currently active or protecting computers.

A widget catalog is also available as a separate dashboard. In this dashboard, you can view all the widgets that are available for you to copy when you create a widget. For more information, see the Widget catalog. Many of the widgets in the catalog are used in the predefined dashboards.