Edit a directory

Complete this procedure to edit a directory.

How to

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Identity & Users > Directories.
  2. Click the name of the directory that you want to modify.
  3. To change the directory name or description, modify the text in the associated field.
  4. Click the Settings tab to modify the directory host, domain, and login information.
  5. Click the Connectors tab to manage identity connectors:
    1. To associate a connector with the directory, click the plus () sign in the upper right. Then select one or more connectors and click Associate.
    2. To disassociate a connector from the directory, hover over the connector and click the minus sign. Then click Disassociate on the window that displays.

    3. To enable or disable remote debugging, see Enable or disable remote debugging for a connector.
    4. To test connectivity to a connector, see Run an identity connector troubleshooting utility.
    5. To edit the name and description of the connector, click the edit icon. Click the Save checkmark icon.
  6. Click the Users tab to view the users assigned to the directory. You can click the number in the Groups column to view groups a user is assigned to.
  7. Click the Groups tab to view the groups that are configured in this directory. You can view the users that are assigned to the group. You can also click the sync icon to synchronize ETP with the latest group information from your directory.
  8. To import a group from an AD, LDAP, or AD LDS:
    1. In the Groups tab, click the plus sign.
    2. In the provided text field, enter the group name. You can use wildcards to perform the search. You add an asterisk (*) on one or both ends to your search terms. Group searches are case sensitive.
    3. Click Search Group.
    4. Select the group or groups that you want to import, and click Add.
  9. Click Save.