Set up PingOne as an identity provider

Before you begin

You must have a functional Ping server with administrator privileges or a Ping account with administrator privileges.

Complete this procedure to integrate PingOne Identity service as an identity provider in Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP).

How to

  1. Connect a directory to PingOne
  2. Create an Akamai Enterprise IdP application in the PingOne identity service.
  3. Add PingOne as an identity provider.
  4. Download and deploy an identity connector. For more information, see Create and download an identity connector.
  5. Add a directory to ETP. As part of this process, make sure you assign the identity connector you created to the directory. For more information, see Add a directory.
  6. Assign the directory to the PingOne identity provider. For more information, see Assign directory to the PingOne identity provider.
  7. If this is the first PingOne IdP that you are creating in ETP, add domains that are specific to the PingOne Identity service to an exception list. For more information, see Add identity provider domains to an exception list.