Location CSV files

Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP) allows administrators to bulk edit locations and associated IP addresses with CSV files. Administrators can download and upload CSV files for these updates.

You can add more than one location at a time by uploading a CSV file with location information already configured in the file, such as the location name and the associated IP address or CIDR ranges. ETP offers a template file that you can download to configure these settings in the required format.

Other CSV files and options are available. You can:
  • Download all locations in a CSV file. This file allows you to view the settings associated with locations across your organization.
  • Delete locations. You can upload a CSV that contains locations you want to delete. This action allows you to easily delete multiple locations at once. You can list locations that you want to delete in the downloaded template file or you can modify a CSV file that contains all locations.
  • View locations with invalid DNS. If the dynamic DNS feature is enabled for an ETP configuration location, you can also download a spreadsheet that shows DNS errors or the locations that resolve to invalid IP addresses.
Note: Support for dynamic DNS is currently in limited availability. Organizations with access to this feature can configure a dynamic DNS domain name for the location. For more information, see Locations and dynamic DNS.