Import Active Directory (AD) users and groups into Okta

Complete this procedure to import AD users and groups into Okta. After you create an application in Okta, you will assign specific AD users and groups to the application.

How to

  1. Log in to the Okta development portal.
  2. Click Admin to access the main Administration UI.
  3. Import users and groups from the Active Directory (AD). Select Directories > Directory Integrations > Add Active Directory.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install and approve the Okta AD Agent onto a host in your AD domain.
  5. Select the users and groups to sync from AD to Okta. Optionally, select the username format to use during Okta login.
  6. Select the AD user attributes to import to Okta.
  7. Import users. Click Import > Import Now > Full import.
  8. When you import AD users for the first time, you need to create associated Okta accounts. Select all imported users and confirm the assignments.
  9. Activate the new user accounts. Select Directory > People.
  10. Filter the list. Select Pending Activation.
  11. Activate all of the new accounts. Your People list shows the AD users in an active state.

Next steps

Create a new application in Okta