Setting up a custom header for Dropbox

Before you begin

Make sure Network Control is enabled in the Dropbox Admin Console. For instructions, see Network Control in the Dropbox help. Take note of the Team ID that is associated with your organization’s account.

To set up a custom header for Dropbox, your organization must be on a Dropbox Enterprise plan and have access to the Network Control feature in the Dropbox Admin Console. Network Control allows an administrator to identify the user accounts that can access Dropbox in the corporate network.

This procedure describes how to create a custom header in ETP and block users from accessing personal Dropbox accounts.

How to

  1. In the navigation menu, select Configuration > Policies.
    Note: If you are trying the new Enterprise Center interface, in the navigation menu, select Policies > Policies.
  2. To edit a policy, click the name of the policy that you want to edit.
    If you are creating a policy, see Create a policy.
  3. Click the Custom Header tab, and click the plus sign icon.
  4. In the domain field, enter
  5. In the Header Name field, enter X-Dropbox-allowed-Team-Ids.
  6. In the Header Value field, enter the team ID that is associated with your organization’s Dropbox account.
  7. Click Save

Next steps

Deploy the policy to the ETP network. For instructions, see Deploy configuration changes.