Generate activation codes in a CSV file

Before you begin

Make sure an administrator defines corporate domains in the ETP network configuration. For more information, see Specify corporate email domains.

Complete this procedure to generate activation codes for users in a CSV file. After you generate activation codes, you can distribute these codes offline to users.

The usernames or email addresses that you specify in the User’s List or in an uploaded CSV are used to identify the Device Owner in ETP reports.

How to

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Clients & Connectors > ETP Clients.
  2. Click the Activation tab.
  3. In the Select Type field, select Download as CSV.
  4. In the User’s List field, enter a comma-separated list of unique users or arbitrary names. No spaces are allowed in the names.

    To add users in bulk, see Generate activation codes for users in bulk.

  5. Click Generate & Download. A CSV with the users you added to the User’s List and the activation codes appear.

Next steps

Securely communicate activation codes to users.