Email activation codes to users in bulk

Before you begin

Make sure an administrator defines corporate domains in the ETP network configuration. For more information, see Specify corporate email domains.

Complete this procedure to download the template spreadsheet for one-time activation codes and upload it with the email addresses of users who you want to receive the email invitation for ETP Client. The email contains the activation code and for mobile clients, a link that users can tap to automatically activate ETP Client on their device.

How to

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Clients & Connectors > ETP Clients.
  2. Click the Activation tab.
  3. Download the Bulk OTAC spreadsheet and complete the spreadsheet:
    1. Click Bulk OTACs to download the spreadsheet template.
    2. In the User column of the downloaded spreadsheet, enter an email address in each row.
    3. Save the spreadsheet.
  4. In the Select Type field, select Send email invitation.
  5. Click Upload CSV to find and select the spreadsheet. The users you specified are sent an activation code email.