ETP Client version support

Akamai often enhances and improves ETP Client. As a result, major and minor versions of the client, as well as security patches are released. To learn more about the version number convention used for ETP Client, see ETP Client version number convention.

ETP Client releases occur with this frequency:
  • A major version of ETP Client is released about once per year.
  • A minor version of ETP Client is usually released every quarter.
  • Security patches are released as needed.
With these releases, Akamai supports the following:
  • The latest major and minor versions of ETP Client.
  • The previous major version of ETP Client and its latest minor version. Akamai releases security patches for the latest minor version of the previous major version.

    The minor and patch releases of the previous major version are supported for a maximum of 18 months or until a new major version is released.

To learn about ETP Client upgrades, see Automatic software upgrades and security patches.