Upload users in bulk to Cloud Directory

Before you begin

  1. Create a CSV file that contains users listed in each row. Make sure each row contains this information:

    email, first_name, last_name, password, group(s)

    Separate information with a comma.

  2. Save the CSV file to a secure location.

Complete this procedure to upload users in bulk to Cloud Directory with a CSV file. As part of this procedure, you must create a CSV file that contains user information. You can use Cloud Directory for testing purposes only.

How to

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Identity & Users > Directories.
  2. Click Cloud Directory.
  3. In the Users tab, click the upload icon.
  4. Review the information on the dialog to make sure that you configured the CSV file correctly.
  5. Click the file icon to find and select the CSV file.
  6. Click Upload.