Sync users from Active Directory to Azure AD

Before you begin

Make sure you create a test user in Azure AD and assign it to the Akamai Enterprise Application Access gallery application

Complete these steps to sync users from your Active Directory to Azure AD. To do this, you’ll need to download Azure AD Connect from the Azure portal.
Note: This procedure may not be necessary if you’ve already synced AD to your Azure implementation.

How to

  1. Download Azure AD Connect:
    1. In the Azure navigation menu, select Azure Active Directory.
    2. Under Manage, select Azure AD Connect.
    3. Under Provision from Active Directory, click Download Azure AD Connect.
  2. Install Azure AD Connect. Complete these steps:
    1. On the Welcome window, click Continue.
    2. Click Use Express Settings.
    3. On the Connect to Azure AD window, enter your global administrator credentials for Azure AD, and click Next.
    4. In the Connect to AD FS window, enter your AD FS credentials, and click Next.
    5. On the Ready to Configure window, select Start the configuration process as soon as the configuration completes and click Install.
  3. In the Azure Portal, confirm that users were synchronized and now appear in the portal.
  4. Assign a global administrator role to a user you synchronized. Complete these steps:
    1. Select a user.
    2. Under Manage, select Assigned roles.
    3. In the panel that appears, click +Add assignment.
    4. In the list of directory roles, select Global administrator and then click Add.
  5. Assign this user to the Akamai Enterprise Application Access application.
    1. Return to the Akamai Enterprise Application Access application.
    2. Click Add user.
    3. In the Add Assignment pane, select Users and groups.
    4. Search for the user that you assigned with the global administrator role.
    5. Click Select.
    6. In the dialog, click Assign.

Next steps

Add Microsoft Azure AD as a third-party SAML identity provider