Deploy a VMware vSphere Client using ESX or ESXi version 6.5 or later

Before you begin

Download the VMware connector from ETP. See Create and download an identity connector.

To deploy a connector with ESX or ESXi versions later than 6.5, use the VMware vSphere Web Access portal or the Open Virtual Machine Format (OVF) tool from a command line interface. For more information on how to deploy it, see the VMware product documentation.

The process to deploy a VMware vSphere Client (vSphere Client) differs depending on the version of your VMware ESXi hypervisor. For a list of supported ESXi versions, see Connector-to-VM and cloud platform compatibility.

How to

After you deploy a connector, return to the Identity Connector page to verify the connector IP address information and to approve the connector. For more information, see Set up an identity connector in a VMware environment.