Schedule a report

If you are an Enterprise Threat Protector super administrator or a delegated administrator, you can schedule a report that includes alert information, all events, and specific event information. You can schedule a report to run daily or on a specific day of the week. You can also specify a location or multiple locations that you want to report on.

Report results are emailed to users you configure to receive the scheduled report.

You must be an ETP administrator to perform this task. If you are a delegated administrator or tenant administrator, you can schedule a report, modify a scheduled report, enable or disable a scheduled report that you created. You cannot modify scheduled reports created by other administrators. Reports results that an administrator receives are based on the locations a delegated or tenant administrator created or is permitted to access. For more information, see Delegated and tenant access.

How to

  1. In the Enterprise Center navigation menu, select Reports > Activity > Scheduled Reports.
  2. Click the plus sign icon. A new row for a scheduled report appears with default settings that you can modify.
  3. In the Report Type column, click the menu and select one of the following report types.
    • All Events
    • Threat Events
    • Access Control Events
    • Alerts Only
    • DNS Summary Report
    • Proxy Summary Report
  4. To report data for a specific location or sub-location, click the link icon and select the locations that you want to associate. By default, all locations are selected. After selecting the locations, click Associate.
  5. In the Recurrence column, click the menu and select Daily or a day of the week.
  6. In the Timezone column, click the menu and select the time zone for the report.
  7. In the Format column, click the menu and select HTML or Text.
  8. In the Recipient column, click the field and enter the email addresses of users who you want to receive the report.
  9. Click Save.